“Aged? It gives a unique taste!” cit Oscar Zerbinati 

The history of Zerbinati’s company started after the II World War when Ferdinando Zerbinati, a local seller based in Alessandria (North of Italy), decided to extend his own business to the most important Italian markets. At first, he was selling just a limited variety of products and only after his sons followed the family’s dream they have brought new ideas, expanding the business which made them leaders in the market until nowadays. With the third generation, other products have been added to their range, but what made this family so successful is have kept the same working way “as tradition wants“, giving you a flavor and perfume of a time gone by.

The Zerbinati pumpkin that is part of Delica‘s family (from the adjective delicate), has a very sweet and smooth taste thanks to the “under the sun” aging process. After the product comes to maturity, is not sold straight away, but left slow-cured in rooms with woodburning stoves. Keeping it at a fixed temperature is a necessary process that enhances the sweetness, allowing the natural sugar development, and the partial loss of water contribute to the perfect moisture and compact texture.

The Zerbinati company has a GLOBALGAP register (Good Agriculture Practice) and is part of EUREP (Euro retailer produce working group) which is a European organization founded from the will of the most important European retailers that is intended to sustain the sales of products produced following a certain amount of procedures. One of the points, for example, is the traceability, that in Zerbinati’s case, is laser imprinted on each pumpkin with a different code. The family is also very keen on respecting the HACCP system (Hazards Analysis of Critical Control Points), guaranteeing the safety of their products from the time it’s produced until it will be sold.

The peculiarity of this made in Italy pumpkin is the reason why it’s been selected for our recipe, as it gives a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Coming out soon the recipe with Delica pumpkin…dont’ miss it!

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