Canapes & Appetizers

Maybe the most famous sicilian street food.

Crunchy Suffron Rise Ball with a heart of Traditional Sicilian Ragu’ (Beef, Soffrito and Peas)

4x portion – each  

A selection of traditional Italian party canapes made with Puff Pastry that comes as:

  • Pizzette (with tomato and mozzarella)

4 pieces x

  • Wurstel (German Sausage)
  • Ricotta&Spinach
  • Cheese and Ham 
  • Goat Cheese and Cherry Tomato

4 pieces x 1.70£

(those may require a minimum order of pieces)

  • Sausage Roll (with our own Sausage Mix)

1 large Sausage Roll  (8 mini portions)

Large 30cm Rustic Savory Tarts to share with friends and family during your gaterings (12 portions) .

  • Ricotta & Spinach (on our own Puff Pastry) 16£
  • Cherry Tomato, Kalamata Olives and Goat Cheese (on Fillo Pastry) 18£
  • Curry Coliflower (on Pecorino Short Crust) 18£



Also, check our large range of Focaccia and Bread for your Appetizers in the Bakery Section.


x2 pp 10£

x 6 pp 28£


x2 pp 10£

x6 pp 28£

x2 pp

x6 pp 26£


– Ricotta and spinach (with Tomato)

– Mushrooms (white sauce)

x6/8 pp 20£


x6people 18£

(Classic or Vegetarian)

Large pasta shells filled with Arancine Sauce and Ricotta

x6 people 28£

Have you thought of sweets already?

Have a look to our dedicated page for also Celebrations Cake 

(V) – Vegetarian

*All our products are fresh and can be freeze