In this section you will find a selection of Traditional Italian pastry and Birthday Cakes that we realized but also, you should know that this is not a limited choiche for our costumers but rather an inspiration.

You may not find something like a Tiramisu’ just because we still didn’t had the opportunity to make it .

As a small business we still building our menu’ based on seasonal products but also thanks to our beloved costumers that every day inspire and challange us to realize their dreams.

Thank you. Now let your mind wonder and let us make it real!

All Year Round

Sourdough Italian Cornetti (Croissants) 8x 1 portion

Be aware, they are NOT related to the buttery French Coissants. Cornetti are the sweet and tasty cousins of them but in some way even better.

They comes as:

  • Plain Cornetti 1.50£ each
  • Cornetti with Vanilla Italian Custard 1.80£ each
  • Cornetti with Nutella 1.80£ each
  • Cornetti with our own Pistacchio Cream 2.00£ each
  • Pan au Chocolat 1.60£ each
  • Plain Cruffins 1.50£ each
  • Danish (random shape) with custard, fresh seasona fruit and nuts 1.90£ each

…or if you craving something naughty, we make one single massive “Cornetto” with a filling of your choiche to amaze your friends and family on a party or on a simple weekend gathering. 13.50£


30cm. Traditional Italian Short Crust filled with:

  • Any Marmelade and Conserve (our own homemade marmelade upon availability) 13£
  • Ricotta or Goat Cheese 15£
  • Ricotta & Chocolate, Pears, Walnuts etc. 16£
  • Nutella 15£
Fall Special

Fruit Tart ( Italian Short Crust filled with thick Italian Lemon Custard, topped with seasonal Fresh Fruit) 

 Small (5/8 pp) 25£   Large (10/12 pp) 35£

 The King’s Roll

A Simple White Sponge, Soaked in Alchermes Liqueur and finished with a generous layer of Nutella. All Rolled together.

*Alchermes is a type of Italian liqueur prepared by infusing neutral spirits with sugarcinnamonclovesnutmeg and vanilla, and other herbs and flavoring agents. Its most striking characteristic is its scarlet color.

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls & Cream Cheese Glaze

Rustic and, at the same time, cloudy soft Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls.

Image to wake up, in a winter morning, in a cottage on the countryside. The first thing you smell is the scent of cinnamon. Probably those are good memories of your childhood or maybe you wish one day that this dream would happen.

While we can’t provide a stunning location we can surely provide for the best breakfast of your neighborhood.

Sourdough Brioche

Please, for more informations and prices on this product, check the bakery section.

Breakfast and Afternoon Tea Cakes

British and Italian Traditional Breakfast and Afternoon tea cakes from 12£ 


Frappe ( or Chiacchiere) & Castagnole

available on Carnival (February/March)

Frappe or/and Castagnole 500g – or 1kg – 15£

Saint Joseph’s Bignet

Available on Father’s Day 19th March or 16th June 2019

Large Choux Pastry filled with Italian Thick Vanilla Custard and topped with an Amarena Cherry

Sourdough Colomba

Available on Easter

Very similar to Panettone but a total different taste based on Almonds, Hazelnuts and Orange (we proudly use our own canty orange pleelings for this recipe) 

Rocciata (Umbria)

Available on October/November (day of the death)

The Central Italian Version of a Strudel.

If you love nuts and a worm apple pudding, you definitely can’t go wrong with the Rocciata.

We follow a very ancient family recipe and consist in:

Secret short crust Recipe filled with fresh grapes or raisins, apples, cocoa, cinnamon, pinenuts and walnuts. 

Best served worm.

Birthday & Celebration Cakes

A short selection of the Birthday Cakes we realized.

Be aware:

  • we DO NOT use butter cream of any kind or sugar fondant
  • our decorations ar all natural or related to the cakes flavour
  • decorations are personally tailored on customer personality and needs.

Pistacchio Cake

A cake you’ll not see (or eat) anywhere else and also our most popular one.

Everyone loves it!

Small (10/15pp) 35£

Large(20/25pp) 45£

Mimosa cake

Classic and Delicate.

Traditionally prepared to celebrate Women.

perfect for Mother’s Day, Baby Showers, Cristenings, etc… 


Simple white sponge soaked on juice (orange, apple, strawberry, etc…) and filled with a delicate Vanilla Crema Diplomatica. It may contains fruit bits and/or Limoncello Liqueur (costumer’s choiche).

Small 10/15pp 30£

Large 20/25pp 40£

Custom Cake

Any Custom cakes made with:

  • Simple White Sponge
  • a basic Flavour (Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla Custard, Milk, ect)

Small 10/15pp 30£

Large 20/25pp 40£