This month is dedicated to Carnival. We have chosen two of the most common traditional recipes of this feast and we decided to do something unusual for us, so we had a bit of fun making our FIRST VIDEO RECIPES!


A very ancient recipe, probably it belongs to the “Frictilia” period when Romans used to fry different sweet pastry in lard and it corresponds exactly to the same time of the year as Carnival.

This recipe is largely used all over Italy and it has hundreds of different names and small differences in the recipes.

Very easy and fast cooking, anybody can make it, so take some time with your kids on this half term and have some fun making Chiacchiere, I’m sure the little tummies will thank you!


Another delicious recipe also easy and fast making.

We know is a quite old recipe thanks to a State Archive of 1700 where has been recorded four Castagnole recipes, also we have a Poem from Marche that price those beautiful little sweets.

I made a little change from the classics ingredients adding some Sourdough Starter left over from my weekly bread routine and they came out S U B L I M E! However, is an optional ingredient and the recipe it won’t change without it.