Bomboloni with Custard is a very popular recipe Italians make during the carnival period but, thanks to its limitless goodness, this recipe has been adopted from all the bakery as a must have all over the year. Nowadays, like for the croissant, is one of the most popular choices for breakfast to enjoy in a bar with the unmissable cappuccino.

Bomboloni is certainly coming from the previous Austrian recipe which is called Krapfen. This was passed on through the northern region of Italy thanks to the Court of Asburgo-Lorena that on XVIII Century have reigned in Tuscany. Slowly, Italians enriched these dainty sweets with a different variety of creamy fillings, taking significant distance from the original apricot jam filling, and adapting it to their traditions and kitchen knowledge. Pellegrino Artusi (Writer, Gastronome and reviewer) on the year 562 dedicated a recipe in his book, advising people on filling the Bonboloni before frying so to combine all the flavors better.

Here our video-recipe. Enjoy!


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