We decided to define it “Our Classic” because people expect the most plain Artisan Bread to be White, instead we use a blend of a Strong Flour and the Whole Wheat to promote a better and healther eating increasing the fiber intake through our food.

Born from the Union of Our Classic recipe and delicious Greek Kalamata Olives. You’ll find 2 or 3 Green Olives for some “Treasure Hunting” one slice at a time.

Born From the union of “Our Classic” recipe and Some Shell on Walnuts, opened, cracked and toasted one by one, to achieve the most nutty flavour.


A mix of Ancient grains Flours and Toasted Seeds. The perfect loaf for a great breakfast, full of good oils and Omega3, it’s a boost for the brain!

Historically Italy and Grece has a lot in common and sometimes the both of them has been braided together. Let’s celebrate our majestic past with this Sourdough loaf, uniting a traditional bread recipe with delicious Greek Kalamata Olives, Feta and Oregano.

Pick one of this Ancient Grain whole Flour and we will tailor a darker and perfect sourdough for you!

Can’t decide which one? Just mix them!

Fruity and rich with a dense crumb this bread will conquer your heart.

A very Special loaf which celebrate our neighborhood and promote local business support.


  • 7 inches     4.00£   (Focaccina)

  • 9 Inches    6.50£

  • 13 Inches   12.00£

Choose from:

  • Classic with Herbs
  • White Onion
  • Green Olives
  • Cherry Tomato

Or add 1£  to any size for:

  • La Pugliese (Cherry Tomato, Kalamata Olives and Anchovies)
  • La Genovese (White Onion and Green Olives)
  • La Siciliana (Slice of Beef Tomato, Mozzarella and Oregano)
  • La Greca (Green Olives, Cherry Tomatos, Feta and Oregano)

La Rustica

9inch stuffed Focaccia with Broccolini, Savoy Cabb/ge, or Broccoli stir fry, garlic, chilly and our own Italian Sausage (require 1 week preorder) 

  • 7inch 10£

  • 9inch 16£

  • 13inch 23£


The Sourdough Brioche is our latest bakery product. We deliver Brioches just on weekend’s orders because it needs a whole week to be prepared.

So, if you willing to order some, we take preorders on Monday and Tuesday by 12:00pm (mid-day) 

Small 7.50£

Large 15 £

(V) – Vegetarian

*All our products are fresh and can be frozen