In Italy, eating is a ritual celebrated every day. A sacred moment that reunites family & friends. A moment of cheering we live with fondness.

“We want to deliver a truly Italian food experience into your home.”

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Inspired by the memories of those Sunday banquets with the family, we have undertaken this journey with the mission of gathering people around a table sharing genuine food in good company.

The choice of making pasta that cooks in few minutes was influenced by the eagerness of having our customers enjoying our food as fresh as a dish that was just taken off the pass. A Brilliant alternative to unappealing spoilt takeaways. 


Since May 2018 we have been delivering with enthusiasm authentic and original heavenly cooked meals made from imported Italian delicacies and ingredients locally sourced as support to our community and independent businesses like ours.

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We do what we’re passionate about, that’s why we hand-craft each order and personally go to our suppliers seeking for the freshest products we use for making our fresh pasta, artisan bakery and traditional pastry.

We do our best for using sustainable packaging and we continuously seeking for partners keen on our same values. Interested in a collaboration?

5Chefs doesn’t stop just here.

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