What we do...

From Fresh Pasta to Artisan Bread, explore the Italian culinary tradition, and get it delivered to your doorstep!

Sourdough Focaccias

The distinct flavour of a 2016 sourdough and its natural benefits are the mainstay of all our focaccias. Light and yet tasty, most of our bakery is suitable for vegans. Amazing to have on your own but also great as a sharing Antipasto. 

Fresh Pasta

Made from the very traditional recipe and using only 100% Italian flours, our pasta does of the authenticity its peculiarity. Hand-crafted on orders, it takes only a few minutes of cooking. All the original flavour, for a fistful of Pounds.

Homemade Sauces

Made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. A perfect match for our Artisan Pasta and a complete meal with the least of the effort. Because a superb pasta dish needs also a great condiment.


The goodness of our desserts heritage is renowned throughout the World and does not need introductions. Get them as an after, or simply as a treat for yourself and your beloved ones.
We got you covered from starter to dessert.

Give vent to your fantasy and customise your Italian experience.

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