Behind the Project

5ChefsProject was born from the will to bring the authentic Italian kitchen to the table.

Nowadays people have forgotten about tradition and origin of our kitchen which has seen recipes invented by people who needed to combine the few products they had, to make something tasty.  The “keep it simple” aspect, it’s crucial for a great result.

We are living in frantic times where every minute is valuable and for this, a big part of the mass, prefer a ready meal or something to take away rather than cook for themselves. We well know that time for cooking is very tight, however we would love to see people preparing their own meals because it’s proved that cooking is therapeutic, that benefit your brain, boost your mood and it’s also healthier because doesn’t contain preservatives, and others, that are largely present in processed food.

There is a clear distinction in the restaurants of today, those who grapple with a contemporary manner and those who preserve ancient methods of cooking. Personally, I am more passionate of the traditional way since I remember with pleasure the times gone where all the family was reunited having a delicious meal together, and those memories are thoroughly kept in me, like the nonna’s kitchen that everybody love and will never forget about.

My professional career has started in Italy, place where I was born and raised, but it only was after setting up in the UK that I could meet people who would educate, challenge and raise my own expectations of cooking. The 5 personalities that my mentoring encompasses continue to influence my growing knowledge, how I select my ingredients and the manner in which I cook them. Being raised in Italy naturally made way for a love of what food represents and an understanding of how it brings people together. This page is open to all those who want to delight themselves with REAL Italian food. We give you authenticity of food of which we hide nothing.

On this website, you will find traditional recipes with a hint of the modern world around us. Don't be discouraged from giving it a go. Everything we present to you is home-made. With delicious ingredients and a good dose of enthusiasm, you can't go wrong.

If you decide to test yourself with our recipes, don’t forget to share your result on our facebook group “5ChefsProject”. We’re always happy to give some feedback and advice to make it perfect.

Buon Appetito!



LA ‘NCAPRIATA PUGLIESE (Mashed broad beans and sautéed chicory)                           VEGAN

Today I’m here to introduce you to one of my favourite recipe. The reason why this dish is on my top list is that it combines a great taste, energy intakes and also it’s a super healthy meal.

Maybe not many people are aware of this, however Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest diet to follow as it includes a large amount of fruit and veggies that are not only low in fat but also good for your body, thanks to the vitamins contained in these produc...


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Aging and Provenance

Pecorino is a cheese made with just sheep (pecora) or lamb milk and is characterized by a strong and salty taste. Probably you have already heard about the pecorino roman...

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This month is dedicated to Carnival. We have chosen two of the most common traditional recipes of this feast and we decided to do something unusual for us, so we had a bit of fun making our FIRST VIDEO RECIPES!

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Bombe or Bomboloni with Italian style Castard Cream.

Our last (for now) video recipe will feature this delicious breakfast Italian pastry that originally belonged to Carnival tradition but nowadays is largelly cooked all year around.

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